Brazil ArtFair has gathered a strong group of carefully selected Brazilian galleries, artists, and designers –both established and emerging – and has approached the fair with a strong curatorial point of view.
  • Artur Fidalgo
    Artur Fidalgo
    Artur Fidalgo celebrated thirteen years as a gallery owner in 2013, combining two apparently contradictory terms: continuity and change. Made up of opposites, this biorhythm reveals the crystallization of a path over time: that of renewal. With this in mind, Artur Fidalgo exhibits the most vital contemporary art of various generations and provenances. With the characteristic malleability of renewal, its space has housed exhibitions by emerging artists and names from international contemporary art.

    Rua Siqueira Campos 143, lojas 147/150 - 2º piso
    Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
    tel: +55 21 2549-6278

  • Central Galeria de Arte
    Central Galeria de Arte
    Central began its activities in November 2010, founded by Wagner Lungov. The gallery's aim is to promote artists that have an instigating proposal, that are faithful to their intuition and which works make us think, once art here is seen as a cognitive process, a process of discovery that helps us see and live better. Our goal is to create conditions that stimulate the development of these artists and the propagation of their activities. Discussions about art and society are also part of our program, as well as temporary exhibitions, follow-up and documentation of the works.

    Rua Mourato Coelho, 751
    Vila Madalena, São Paulo, SP
    tel: +55 11 2645-4480

  • Emma Thomas
    Emma Thomas
    Emma Thomas Gallery was founded in 2006 by Flaviana Bernardo and Juliana Freire with a main goal: to amplify the contemporary art to the main public, by modifying and adapting the market system to get general public and artistic production closer to each other. Nowadays the gallery represents 13 artists and can be seen in 4 international and 3 national art fairs, such as SP-Arte and ARCO Madrid. In May of 2012 the gallery has won the Best Young Art Gallery Prize in Buenos Aires,Argentina. Besides the gallery exhibitions, the new Emma Thomas program promotes the free exchange of cultural knowledge and art issues.

    Rua Estados Unidos, 2205
    Jardins, São Paulo, SP
    tel: +55 11 3063-2193

  • Galeria Estação
    Galeria Estação
    With 10 years of activity on the Brazilian cultural scenario, the Estação Art Gallery has strongly presented its profile, showing non-erudite artists and inserting them in the Brazilian contemporary art market. With exhibitions both inside and outside Brazilian territory, including the exhibition titled “Histoire de Voir” (A Story of Seeing) at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in 2012, the Biennial Between Two Seas, in São Paulo (Brazil) and Valencia (Spain) in 2007, they have further publicised the names of their artists, which have their works shown in the collections of important Brazilian art collectors, as also in leading institutions in the field.

    R. Ferreira Araújo, 625
    Pinheiros, São Paulo, SP
    tel: +55 11 3813-7253

  • Galeria Logo
    Galeria Logo
    Logo Gallery has a new proposal: to present and discuss art that emerges from parallel universes, from independent initiatives and from urban culture. It’s a vision that takes into consideration the artists’ production in its whole amplitude, beyond the circuit of galleries and museums, evidencing the relevance of their works to society.

    R. Artur de Azevedo, 401
    Pinheiros, São Paulo, SP
    tel: +55 11 3062-0865

  • Galeria Mezanino
    Galeria Mezanino
    The Galeria Mezanino is a space designed by curator Renato De Cara. Dedicated to thought and reflection on art, it is also an observatory of trends in Brazilian contemporary artistic production. It offers exhibitions and is open to visitors since 2006. The Mezanino project promotes conversations with curators, critics and other art professionals, as well as workshops with painters, sculptors and engravers, analyzing and revealing the work of the creators from the perspective of multiple languages.

    R. da Glória, 279, cj. 61
    Liberdade, São Paulo, SP
    tel: +55 11 3436-6306

  • Galeria Movimento
    Galeria Movimento
    Movimento was founded by Ricardo Kimaid Junior who is the third generation of a family gallery owners. The gallery wishes to promote the encounter between contemporary art and street art, proposing a heterogeneous environment composed by different artistic languages. With a promising current team, each new exhibition brings different proposals, installations, materials, colors, shapes.

    Their project is to bring art to a wider audience, reaching people who is looking for something different. The gallery aims to create a young and creative environment with events that enable meetings and exchanges with art lovers, collectors and artists with different languages.

    Av. Altântica, 4240, loja 212
    Copabacana, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
    tel: + 55 21 2267-5989

  • Galeria Um Zero Três (103)
    Galeria Um Zero Três (103)
    Um Zero Três gallery was founded in 2013, aiming to promote solo and collective exhibitions of the most diverse kinds of artists and languages. Um Zero Três is a space for interchange and multidisciplinary events, devoted to critical and reflective aspects of each activity. Ícaro Lira works with the impact of capitalism on people’s life and on communities.

    Frederico Filippi casts an ironical and detached eye, almost a cruel one, on several different manifestations of art history and culture. The pseudoscientific cosmology, such as it grew on vanguard culture of XIXth and XXth century, is Mayana Redin’s territory.

    Praça Benedito Calixto, 103
    Pinheiros, São Paulo, SP
    tel: +55 11 3086-0784

  • H.A.P. Galeria
    H.A.P. Galeria
    H.A.P gallery was founded by Heloisa Amaral Peixoto in 2001. Since its inception, the gallery driving force has been to establish an interchange between different languages and lines of thought, prizing the singularity of each artist in their chosen media and formats, thereby forming an representative panel of contemporary Brazilian art and creating a space designed in a singular way to promote solos, group exhibitions, art lectures and other initiatives such as book publishing.

    H.A.P Gallery represents a selected group of renowned artists like Hilal Sami Hilal, Nelson Felix, Claudia Melli, Frida Baranek, Alex Cerveny and Malu Fatorelli. In the past few years, were added to gallery ́s cast others talents artists as Claudia Melli, Bel Barcellos, Thales Leite, Kitty Paranaguá, João O. Bragança, Ivan Cascão, among others.

    R. Abreu Fialho, 11
    Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
    tel: +55 21 3874-2796

  • Jo Slaviero e Guedes
    Jo Slaviero e Guedes
    The Jo Slaviero & Guedes Art Gallery was founded in 1997 by Jo Slaviero, businesswoman and marchand, and Olivio Guedes, Cultural Director of Museu Brasileiro da Escultura (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture). Its building was projected by the famous architect Miguel Juliano in 1957, begining the Brazilian modern architecture, and the landscape was designed by Waldemar Cordeiro. It also has in the front a mural of Maurício Nogueira Lima,a concretist artist.

    The owners of Jo Slaviero & Guedes Art Gallery have been working with art for more than 30 years with the purpose to value and disseminate art through exhibitions of modern and contemporary artists, courses, lectures and conferences. The gallery also evaluates artworks, do expertises, promote auctions, do curator works and cultural marketing actions.

    Concerned with narrative and accomplishment in the art market, the gallery selects artists who have been standing out in the daily practice with art and therefore it helps to spread knowledge to influence the formation of major collections.

    Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 2074
    Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo, SP
    tel: +55 11 3069-9856

  • Lourdina Jean Rabieh
    Lourdina Jean Rabieh
    Lourdina Jean Rabieh has been serving the art market for 27 years. Since 2010 she focuses on contemporary art, representing new and aspiring artists as well as established ones. With her gallery located in Sao Paulo she works with many brazilian artists and some from other countries.

    She is currently building a new extension to her gallery. In early 2014, the gallery will have been expanded to 7.500 square feet along with a sculpture garden on the rooftop. The gallery represents the following artists: Angella Conte, Clarisse Tarran, Cris Bierrenbach, Dácio Bicudo, Eduardo Frota, Elizabeth Dorazio, Frantz, Gil Vicente, Katja Loher, Monique Allain, Pedro de Kastro, Renato Valle, Ronaldo Grossman, Rosangela Dorazio e Valdir Cruz.

    Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 147
    Jardins, São Paulo, SP
    tel: +55 11 3062-7163

  • Marton Estúdio
    Marton Estúdio
    Jose Marton, visual artist, designer, and art collector, is a multi media artist who's capable of overcoming barriers between professions and whose life is dedicated to art. Since 1985, Mr. Marton's work has been recognized by its creativity in furniture, object, fashion show scenography design, exhibit design and retail architecture, or by his consultancies to visual artists, museums, and institutions. Renowned by Modern Painter magazine as one of “50 Under 50: The Most Exciting Young Collectors Worldwide“, Mr. Marton has some 400 pieces by Brazilian and international artists, most of which is contemporary.

    R. Cônego Vicente Miguel Marino, 286
    Barra Funda, São Paulo, SP
    tel: +55 11 2666-5555

  • Mercedes Viegas
    Mercedes Viegas
    Mercedes Viegas, museologist, has been working as a visual arts consultant since 1988 and opened her own gallery in 2000. Practicing a discerning work of dissemination of Brazilian art, the gallery Mercedes Viegas Arte Contemporânea gathers artists holding national and international acclaim, while also investing in new talents. Aiming at widening the knowledge and the debate around contemporary art, it yearly promotes courses with curators, art critics and art historians in the spacious house it occupies in the district of Gávea in Rio de Janeiro.

    R. João Borges, 86
    Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
    tel: +55 21 2294-4305

  • Multiplique Boutique
    Multiplique Boutique
    Multiplique Boutique, contemporary art publisher, commissions and produces editions and multiples in close collaboration with leading Brazilian artists, to show and sell contemporary art in an accessible way.

    tel: +55 11 2528-6724

  • Paralelo Galeria
    Paralelo Galeria
    Paralelo Gallery was founded in São Paulo in 2010, by Flávia Marujo e Andrea Rehder, focusing on the contemporary creation and its latest trends. With a clear international flair, its target is building a bridge between Brazil and Iberoamerica, where sharing is a priority and essential experience. The gallery aims to promote the plurality of studies and languages developed by emerging artists or already established, from both sides of the Ocean.

    This Brazilian-Iberoamerican bridge is as well reflected on works of famous and also new national and international curators. Thus, the gallery wants to stimulate the creation of areas and moments of reunion and experiences exchange, knowledge and possibilities of being in (and belonging to) this world, and open up an infinity of talks and interactions that can sow new chances of rediscovery. Thinking about the relevance of the creative processes, the gallery invests in artistic housing for foreigner artists, promoting the joint work with them.

    Also, partnerships between galleries, museums and international foundations are a priority, assuring that artists of Paralelo will be able to show their work outside the boundaries. Over the last year the gallery cultural projects had increased as well as publications on the most prominent art publishers.

    R. Artur de Azevedo, 986
    Pinheiros, São Paulo, SP
    tel: + 55 11 2495-6876

  • "Suspended Time" - Prologue

    curated exhibition by Luisa Duarte

    "Suspended Time" - Prologue
    The group exhibition curated by Luisa Duarte, "Tempo Suspenso – prólogo" ("Suspended Time – prologue") will showcase about 15 contemporary Brazilian artists in an exhibition that investigates the echoes of the crisis of the modernist project and its utopias. How it reflects over our national artistic production and society, in a country where the modernist movement arrived late and were executed on an erratic manner. The expectation created around the future of Brazil, some kind of “promised land” in contrast with the present reality and our relation with the "now".
    1. Berna Reale
    2. Clarissa Tossin
    3. Iran do Espírito Santo
    4. Laércio Redondo
    5. Laís Myrrha
    6. Matheus Rocha Pitta
    7. Mauro Restiffe
    8. Milton Machado
    9. Pedro Motta
    10. Raquel Garbelotti
    11. Regina Parra
    12. Rivane Neuenschwander
    13. Sara Ramo
  • Orchestra Brasil

    Brazilian designers exhibition

    Orchestra Brasil
    Orchestra Brasil is an exhibit featuring innovative contemporary furniture and home décor by 18 of Brazil’s top design studios. The show was created by the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves (Sindmóveis), a consortium of leading suppliers to the furniture industry associations, in an effort to increase awareness of leading Brazilian designers, and show the world the creativity and ideas leading the way in Brazilian furniture design.

    "Brazilian architecture and design have long been a source of great national pride for Brazilians. As interest in Brazil develops, it is fitting that we share with the world the great work being developed by our designers," says Cátia Scarton, President of Sindmóveis.

    R. 13 de Maio, 229, 2º andar
    Centro, Bento Gonalves, RS
    tel: +55 54 2102-6800

    1. Alessandra Delgado - Girona Design
    2. Bernardo Senna
    3. Domingos Tótora
    4. Em2 Design
    5. Faro Design
    6. Flávia Pagotti Silva
    7. Gallina e Visentini
    8. Gustavo Martini
    9. Índio da Costa A.U.D.T
    10. Jader Almeida
    11. Lattoog Design
    12. Luiz Pedrazzi
    13. Mameluca
    14. NDT Design
    15. Projeto 3 Design
    16. Quadrante Design
    17. Regis Padilha
    18. Studio B
    19. UNT Intelligence Design
    20. Zanini de Zanine
  • West Encounters East

    Exhibition by The Brickellian

    West Encounters East
    A filmmaker, curator and art historian, Stella M. Holmes is passionate about the power of art to bridge differences – between cultures, between people, within the human heart. Founder and president of The Brickellian, Ms. Holmes announced that West Encounters East, a project of The Brickellian art consultancy, will present works by four prominent Japanese-Brazilian artists at the premiere edition of Brazil ArtFair.

    Featured are Yutaka Toyota, Takashi Fukushima, Kazuo Okubo and Megumi Yuasa, well-known Japanese-Brazilian artists, whose works explore an artistic space, where the vibrant palette of Latin America and the silence of the East that contains the universe come together to create something new.

    1925 Brickell Avenue, Suite D301
    Miami, FL 33129
    tel: +1 (305) 905-8823